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  • Alaskan Wild Rockfish
  • Alaskan Wild Rockfish
  • Alaskan Wild Rockfish

Alaskan Wild Rockfish

1 Pound

Each fillet is approximately 1/2 lb.


Our wild Alaskan rockfish fillets typically come from Yelloweye or Rougheye, occasionally we also get Redbanded Rockfish. We focus on Yelloweye and Rougheye as they are larger than other rockfish around Alaska and provide full 1/2 pound fillets.


Rockfish come in a wide variety of sizes and colors and live both in schools and more solitary lives. Most have a white-colored flesh with fairly thin fillets of rather uniform thickness. The flavor profile is commonly referred to as nutty, light, or delicate. Because of the delicate flavor, I generally avoid using it in chowders or curries (for those I prefer Halibut).


Alaskan rockfish meat has a somewhat firm texture that's not very oily. Fillets can be easily cooked in the oven or on the stove. We remove the skin before vaccuum-sealing.


As with all our fish, we only sell wild-caught, Alaskan rockfish.

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