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Greetings from Alaska,

The whole Hillstrand family have been life-long Alaskan residents. Fish and the ocean have always sustained our livelihoods and surrounded our lives.

All five of our sons: David, Johnathan, Andy, Michael, and Neal, born and raised fishing right here in Kachemak Bay from the end of the Homer Spit (called Coal Point) next to their Grandparents Earl and Mary Jane Hillstrand.

And now the fourth and fifth generations of our fish-loving family tradition goes on with our grandchildren: Scotty, Axel, Phillip, Chelsea and Cassy putting their time on board the F/V Time Bandit and working here processing fish at Coal Point Seafood Company.

Over the past 40 years we have been busy building and fishing our boats the F/V Time Bandit, the Bold Ruler, the F/V Sea Wife, Invader, Gertrude Ann, Sadie Lady, Sukoi Bay, Freedom and the American Way.

We have fished most Alaskan fish and shellfish species in all waters with most fishing gear types, from Ketchikan to the Bering Sea. We have also rehabilitated and enhanced all five species of salmon and restored Salmon runs damaged by the Alaskan earthquake from Noatak to Kodiak..

So after all that fishy business… to retire… we decided to try another part of the fishing industry and put together our experience to work and create a process to capture the wholesome pristine essence of fresh caught wild Alaskan fish to share with the lower 48 states of America while keeping an eye on the health of our stocks.

With our principles, we strive to protect Mother Nature’s Wild Run Schools.

But wait a minute…Retired did we say? Oh boy! The work involved from frigid ocean waters to your dinner plate is a task of rigorous step by step of intense quality control. We take quality to the highest standard 

It is such an honor to do our best to produce top of the line seafood to show what the best of the best in flavor, texture and natural healthy goodness can provide for you.

From our family to yours it is a pleasure to serve you with the cream of the crop in Alaskan seafood.

Thank-you for choosing Coal Point’s Seafood! We really do love fish! 

Here’s to your health!

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