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View of the harbor from our back door.

Custom Fish Processing...

Current Processing Prices

All prices are subject to change. Prices are calculated based on incoming fish weight, not final fillet weight.

We will personally pick up your catch from your fishing vessel or charter office and deliver it to our facility were it will be custom cut and processed to meet your family’s needs.


Call 1-800-325-3877 or 907-235-3877 for your fish to be picked up.

You choose portioned packages in 1/2 lb, 1 lb, 1½ lbs, 2 lbs, full fillets, or steaks, skin on or off. Then we will vacuum pack and freeze each individual package flat on trays for boxing, ready to ship, or pick up for your home freezer.

If you get your fish to us before closing, we will have them processed and fully frozen, ready for shipping or pick-up, by opening the next day. Need your fish early in the morning? As long as you get them to us by 4pm the previous day, we can arrange pickup any time of the night, just let us know!

Want to ship your fish? See our Shipping page for more information.

Here is Cristen boxing up a processed catch!
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