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  • Alaska King (Chinook) Salmon Sweethearts
  • Alaska King (Chinook) Salmon Sweethearts

Alaska King (Chinook) Salmon Sweethearts

1 Pound

Sold by the pound.


Our wild Alaskan King (Chinook) Salmon is always wild and never farmed. The high amount of Omega-3 fatty acids in King Salmon make this a melt-in-your-mouth delecacy.

  • Sweethearts are a sort of hybrid between a fillet and a steak. Each salmon sweetheart is comprised of two fillets of near-equal size, specially cut from larger fish, placed back-to-back before vaccuum packing and freezing.

    Sweethearts have a small amount of skin on one edge and have even thickness throughout. The two pieces separate once thawed.

    If you don't need the skin on your salmon and don't like the uneven cooking that comes with uneven fillet thickness, then sweethearts are for you!

    The name, 'sweetheart', comes from the fact that Halibut sweethearts resemble a heart and are perfect for a dinner-for-two. People like them so much with halibut, we decided to make them for our King Salmon as well!

  • Wild Alaska King Salmon, also known as Chinook Salmon, is more expensive for multiple reasons:

    • King Salmon are more difficult to catch commercially due to their large size. They frequently get over 30 lbs where the 2nd largest, Silver Salmon, usually cap out at 20 lbs, and Red Salmon only get up to 9 lbs.
    • King Salmon are simply a higher-quality fish. They have a much higher amount of Omega-3's than other salmon, providing them with a richer flavor and succulent texture.
    • Total weight of commercially caught King Salmon is much lower than Reds or Silvers. According to the North Pacific Anadromous Fish Commission, in 2010, King Salmon accounted for only 1% of the total weight of Salmon caught in the Pacific Northwest.

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