General Directions for Cleaning, Cracking and Removing Meat from Shell for Whole, Cooked Alaska Dungeness Crab

1. If necessary, thaw crab according to thawing directions. Remove broad back shell by holding base of crab with one hand while placing thumb of other hand under shell at mid-point and lifting off back.

2. Remove and discard viscera* and feather gills from body section. Rinse crab thoroughly under cool, running water, washing away all loose material.
*The viscera is the semi-liquid material remaining in the body cavity and is not normally eaten.

3. Grasp crab in both hands and break in half, yielding two sections with legs attached.

4. Separate legs from each other, one at a time, leaving a portion of body attached to each leg for easy handling.

5. Crack the shell of each claw/leg/body section at edge of joints with small meat mallet to loosen shell; break to expose meat. Meat can then easily be removed with tip of leg, small pick or fork.

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