Alaska Smoked Salmon Recipes

From the cold, clear waters of Alaska comes Alaska smoked wild salmon. A special treat for almost every occasion from a Sunday brunch to evening hors d'oeuvres, its rich, savory flavor satisfies even the most discriminating palates.

Alaska smoked wild salmon comes lightly smoked and thinly sliced with a silky texture or firm with a full robust, heavier smoked flavor. Its texture and flavor varies according to the salt curing (brining) process, time and temperature of the smoking (drying), as well as packaging and shelf life.

Available in four varieties, there's an Alaska smoked wild salmon for any budget or taste preference:

Mild Cured and Cold Smoked Salmon has a delicate, moist texture and mild flavor. Commonly called Lox, Nova Scotia-Style or Nova, this smoked salmon has been cured under salt and lightly smoked at very low temperatures.

Frequently vacuum-packed, this variety can be found in sliced or whole smoked sides as well as tray packs. Depending on the end use, retail or institutional, packaging for this product may range from three or four ounces up to five pounds, or five to 15 pounds for whole sides. Unopened packages of Lox or Nova can be stored in the refrigerator for up to six weeks. Once opened, however, packages of salmon should be consumed within 10 days.

Kippered or Hot Smoked Salmon is cured in a brine solution and smoked at high temperatures creating a flakier texture and stronger smoked flavor than Lox or Nova.

Packaged in whole sides or chunks, the refrigeration shelf life of this variety will vary depending on the concentration of salt and whether or not other preservatives are used. Kippered or Hot Smoked Salmon can be refrigerated for up to 10 days at temperatures below 38 F. For storage periods over 10 days, the salmon should be frozen.

Packages of Cold and Hot Smoked Salmon can be frozen at 0 F or lower for six or more months. Smoked salmon will not freeze at 32 F so lower temperatures must be used to ensure freezing conditions.

Dried Salmon or Salmon Jerky combines both the Lox and Kippered Salmon processes. The salmon is cut into strips, soaked in a brine and cold smoked for an extended period of time. Its texture is firm and chewy and offers a distinctively smoky flavor.

Available in individual portions or in bulk, this variety is vacuum-packed and may be refrigerated for up to three months. Once the package has been opened, the salmon should be consumed within three weeks.

Retort Pouch or Canned Smoked Salmon is a brined, lightly smoked variety which is packed in either a foil laminated vacuum pouch or can. The pouch or can is them vacuum sealed and pressure cooked (retorted) to ensure a stable shelf life without refrigeration. (Once opened, salmon should be refrigerated immediately.)

With initial refrigeration unnecessary, Retort Pouch or Canned Smoked Salmon is ideal for gift packs and ranges in size from four to 24 ounce portions.

While each of these four varieties are marketed under the name "smoked salmon," their differences are considerable in flavor as well as texture. Each smokehouse has its own carefully guarded brining recipes and smoking procedures to produce their own special and unique product. For the best results, read individual company labels and follow their suggested handling guidelines.


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