Alaska Seafood Microwave Recipes

Alaska seafood harvested from the clear, icy waters off the coast of Alaska is prized for its superior quality, flavor, color and firm texture. And preserving this natural quality is of utmost importance to the Alaska fishing industry. Using state-of-the-art freezing technology, Alaska seafood is quick-frozen within hours of harvesting to preserve the natural flavor and texture.

Fresher-frozen Alaska seafood is perfect for microwave cooking because it stays moist, firm and flaky without becoming dry or tough. Microwave cooking brings out the delicate flavors of a wide range of Alaska seafood varieties including Alaska salmon, halibut, code, sole and Alaska pollock. Shellfish species, including Alaska king, snow and dungeness crab, are also well-suited for the microwave. You'll find microwave seafood recipes fit the simplest meal or your most lavish dinner party.