Alaska Rockfish Recipes

Alaska Rockfish, genus Sebastes, encompasses a family of fish of many names and varieties. There are over 40 species of rockfish present in the icy waters of Alaska, with 12 to 15 of these species commonly marketed to consumers. Varying in color and appearance from species to species, the commercial catch of Alaska rockfish is almost equally divided between the bright red varieties and the non-red varieties. The red varieties are sometimes referred to as Alaska snapper or red snapper.

Rockfish inhabit the deep, rocky areas in and around the reefs and deep regions of the sea. The majority of the rockfish harvested in Alaska currently come from the Gulf of Alaska

Alaska rockfish is often marketed fresh. Depending upon the species, it is sold as fillets of varying sizes or as whole, dressed or undressed fish. It is available in the seafood section or meat department of supermarkets or in specialty seafood stores.

A versatile fish, the Alaska rockfish takes well to a wide range of cooking methods. These include baking, broiling, frying, microwaving, poaching, simmering and steaming. The mild flavor of this premium seafood lends itself to a variety of sauces and recipes, from the simplest to the most elegant. The recipes included here represent just a few examples of the many ways in which this prized seafood from Alaska can be enjoyed.