Alaska King Crab Recipes


Alaska King crab, genus Paralithodes, is one of the largest members of the entire crab family, which includes over a thousand species. Indeed, the record king crab weighed nearly 25 pounds and measured six feet from claw to claw. The formidable king is harvested from the icy Alaskan waters of the North Pacific, where it is processed and immediately frozen under stringent quality controls to preserve its natural, rich flavor and ensure freshness.

Easily recognized by its large pieces of white meat, brilliantly edged in red, elegant Alaska king crab is prized for its delicate flavor, tender texture and convenience. It is an excellent source of high-quality protein, while low in fat and calories.

This premium-quality seafood is marketed year-round as whole or split legs and claws, as well as in specialty stores.

In addition to its ready convenience, Alaska king crab is a most versatile seafood. The succulent flavor of this delicious crab takes well to a variety of seasonings and other ingredients. Exquisite eaten alone or served with a light dip, it is also the inspiration for a number of stunning appetizers, salads, soups, sautes, quick microwave dishes and other entrees. The recipes included here are just an introduction to the many possibilities for good eating with Alaska king crab.